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Our Philosophy


Seed the Future, Lead the World

This is the spirit in which we, the students, who will lead the future, will transcend national borders and become leaders of the world, sowing the seeds for the future.

Philosophy for Our Activities

Developing and producing “future leaders”, who can solve global challenges through collaboration with multinational partners.

MIS defines “future leaders” as individuals who have the ability to discover and solve problems and contribute to society proactively. To this end, we aim to foster the ability to proactively find and solve problems by visiting areas where social problems are actually manifested, discovering and analyzing the problems themselves, and planning and implementing appropriate projects.
However, many of these social problems are difficult to solve on our own, and collaboration with local students, known as partnerships, is essential for implementing effective projects that match the local conditions.
Our ideal is that not only the members of MIS, but also the students of our partners will become “future leaders” through collaborations.