Message from the President

MIS stands for Multilateral Interaction with Students. I believe that multinational students can stimulate each other and grow through discussions and actions aimed at transforming the local community. This is one of the multilateral interactions that we as students should aim for.

And we, MIS, aim to grow ourselves and the people involved to become next-generation leaders by discovering social problems and planning and executing projects to solve them. I think that the “next-generation leader image” is different for each person, but one of the axes we have is “problem-solving ability.” First, discover the problem with our own eyes and analyze the problem. Second, in the many project ideas, we seek out and realize the ones that will leave the most impact on society and that we are excited about. Then, based on our reflection, we will move on to a new problem-solving project … I think that we should aim for a person with such ability as a next-generation leader. This is my opinion, but there are two things we need to be aware of to become such a next-generation leader. The first is to have an open mind for diverse opinions in different directions. When discussing with multinational students, as well as among MIS members, we often come across different ideas. However, I learned that it is important not to take it negatively and to consider each one carefully with an open mind. And the second is to try to achieve it yourself. And the second is to work on our own to make the project a reality. Any project cannot be realized without a strong will to achieve it. I will cherish these two consciousnesses in my future life in society.

MIS has been established for 9 years, and the organization is still immature and in the stage of growth. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the affiliated organizations, teachers, and supporting companies for their warm support and cooperation. We look forward to your continued support for the future growth of the MIS.

Fuka Sirai
the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law
December 3rd, 2020