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Basic Information

NameNonprofit Organization MIS(Multilateral Interaction with Students)
FoundationDecember, 2011(obtained a legal entity in July, 2013)
AddressBunkyo-ku Tokyo
PresidentRaku Ishizone 3rd Year in The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Agriculture
Special AdvisorYuichi Sekiya(The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Professor)
Motto“Seed the future, lead the world.”
Our PhilosophyFostering next-generation leaders who can solve global issues in collaboration with multilateral partners.

Business Scale\10’220’000(2017)
Members143(Actober, 2020)


201112MIS is founded by UTokyo students Daiki Hasegawa and Yuta Tani as a volunteering club for students.
20124 JCSI (Cambodia) and Facilitation Branch are newly launched.
9 The New Network branch is created.
20134 As part of the New Network branch, JSSI (Singapore), JPSI (Philippines), and JVSI (Vietnam) are launched.
7 Officially approved as an NPO.
10 The New Network branch and JCSI are merged to create the Network branch.
20144 JISI (Indonesia) and JBSI (Myanmar) are launched within the Network branch.
8 Our first “Multilateral Project” is launched in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia.
9 JDSI (Dhaka, Bangladesh) is created within Network.
20154 JMSI (Malaysia) is launched in Network.
8 Our first “Experience Japan Project” in Japan is launched.
20163 JSSI (Singapore) ceases all of its projects.
3 Due to the region’s safety risk, JDSI (Dhaka) cancels excursion and relocates its main activity hub to Delhi.
4 Experience Japan Project moves to the Network branch and becomes JOSI (Japan).
20178 Second “Multilateral Project” is conducted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
20189 JCSI (Cambodia) puts a hold on its projects.

10Facilitation branch is divided in the Internal Affairs branch and Foreign Affairs branch. A new Administration branch looks over Financial Affairs and Travel Risk Management.
20192MIS directed and managed “Japan-ASEAN Student Conference 2018”, which was organized by Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ JENESYS program.
20202MIS directed and managed “Japan-ASEAN Student Conference 2019”, which was organized by JTB as part of a program headed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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