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Experience Japan Project

Base of Work

Tokyo, Japan


Summer 2015 – Current

Field of Work

The theme of project differs every year.

Themes ever: Social Action Work(2015), Food Problems(2016), Disabilities(2017), The Internet and Society(2018)


The project done every year has been launched in August in 2015 to give a chance to experience Japanese livings with one specific theme with some financial support to students those who have interest in Japan but can’t afford to visit the country. The purpose of this project is to provide useful ways of thinking and experiences through lectures and activities in Tokyo with the students from Southeast Asian countries and also to help the students return their experiences to their home society. The program mainly consists of workshops, fieldworks and presentations with experts or the parties concerned. We hope participants can appreciate whole problems about the theme through experiences of the project. The examples of themes are the contribution to society, Food and agriculture, disability and the Internet and society.

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