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JISI 2019 Spring Trip Report

Base of Work

Banda Aceh, Indonesia


7 students


2/26 ・Arrival

       ・Sharing SD07‘s manual created in the workshop

2/27 ・Final meeting for the  disaster prevention drill with teachers at SD 07

2/28 ・Disaster prevention drill (Evacuation drill)

      ・Cultural exchange

3/1  ・Feedback of the disaster prevention drill

      ・Workshop from JISI to HIBEUNA to make our role clear

3/2  ・Meeting for making a plan of summer visit

3/3  ・Construction of 3-year plan


① To check the contents of the disaster prevention manual created at partner elementary school SD07. 

And also to discuss whether the manual is properly used in disaster prevention training and whether the contents of the manual or workshop should be changed.

② Another purpose is to seek the form of ideal cooperation between JISI and HIBEUNA.


① As there was a problem in the lack of seriousness for disaster prevention drill, we thought that we could carry out serious disaster prevention drill without losing seriousness by setting the frequency of disaster prevention drill twice a year. In addition, we improved the workshop by adding the contents of attention point of evacuation to disaster prevention manual. We built a three-year plan to increase the target primary schools to six in three years and we decided to devise curriculum for elementary school to acquire sustainable disaster prevention habit in one and a half years.

② In Indonesia, although there are many disaster researches, people who have experience in disaster drills are overwhelmingly few, and there are no cultural disaster drill practices. Therefore, based on their own experience, JISI’s role is to make practical improvements to manuals and disaster prevention drill prepared based on academic books.