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The Internet Division

The Summary of Division

The Internet, which is closely linked to our lives, has brought about various harmful effects at the same time as the benefits of connecting the whole world. We take up four issues related to the Internet.

(1) Issues related to the reliability of information flooding the Internet, which have become apparent through fake news, etc.

(2) Adverse effects on the human body and mind due to constant contact with the Internet and SNS

(3) Scams that are becoming more sophisticated on the Internet and the damage continues to expand

(4) Problems in how personal information and logs are handled between major IT companies and individuals

By taking up these problems and analyzing their current status and causes, we seek ways to better interact with the Internet. We will also discuss near-future information technologies such as the Metaverse and 6G, and how they will change the shape of society.


10th 5 students

11th 2 students

Our Daily Activity

In addition to having online meetings about once a week, we also have face-to-face meetings and go out to eat about once a month. It is a traditional event of the subcommittee to go on a trip during long vacations!