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What is “Sustainable Tourism” in Japan and ASEAN countries?

We, the Tourism Division, will discuss “Sustainable Tourism” in Japan and ASEAN countries at the ASEAN-Japan Student Conference.

Southeast Asian countries are experiencing rapid growth, and the number of foreign tourists is expected to increase as domestic development progresses. At the same time, however, new problems have begun to emerge, such as the destruction of the environment due to the profit-oriented development of tourism.
Similarly in Japan, tourism is expected to become a new core industry and a driving force for further economic growth in Japan. However, Japan’s tourism industry is also facing various problems, such as the uneven distribution of travel destinations for foreign visitors to Japan, the lagging development of regional areas, and the destruction of nature caused by overtourism.
Japan and ASEAN countries need to reflect on the current situation and challenges of their own tourism industry and aim for further development and growth of the tourism industry in a sustainable manner.

We hope that this conference will provide an opportunity to share the problems and issues in each country, as well as the efforts and measures taken by each country, and to work together to solve the problems of the tourism industry in ASEAN and Japan.


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