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Urban Development Division


What are urban issues in Southeast Asia?

We, the Urban Development Division, will deal with urban issues in Southeast Asia at the Council.

In Southeast Asia, the rapid increase in urban population is causing a variety of urban problems.

The Urban Development Division will consider urban issues in Southeast Asia from the following three perspectives and consider what kind of urban development is required.

(1) Problems related to the convenience of daily life, such as inadequate transportation networks and communication environments.

(2) Issues related to the safety of daily life, such as inadequate public safety as typified by slums.

(3) Problems related to the health of people’s lives, centering on inadequate urban sanitation, such as water supply, sewerage, waste disposal, and provision of medical and welfare services.

These problems are diverse, but at the heart of them is the fact that infrastructure development has not kept pace with the concentration of population in cities. In the lectures within the conference, participants will learn about the diverse issues facing cities from multiple perspectives to comprehensively consider future urban infrastructure to solve these problems. In the workshops, we will also discuss and examine the content learned in the lectures in order to seek specific outputs to solve a wide range of urban problems.


10th:5 studnets

11th:3 students


We have a regular meeting weekly to prepare for the council.

The members get along well with each other and usually go out to dinner or on trips!