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JISI (Japan-Indonesia Student Interaction)

Base of Work

Banda Aceh, Indonesia


15 students




2013:The partnership with HIBEUNA, which carries out disaster drills and activities to disseminate disaster education, has begun, and a project was launched to raise the level of  disaster prevention for earthquakes and tsunamis.

2014 : We conducted a camp to experience first aid and disaster life for boy scouts.

2017 : The project of evacuation drill in elementary school was launched.


We are working on disaster prevention in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Banda Aceh suffered massive damage from the tsunami caused by the 2004 Sumatra earthquake. At the beginning of the team, we conducted a camp for high school boy scouts to learn about first aid and disaster life. After that, we believe that disaster prevention education in local schools is indispensable for the fundamental improvement of disaster prevention awareness and disaster prevention ability of local residents, so now we are focusing on the spread of disaster prevention education targeting at elementary schools.

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