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JMSI (Japan-Malaysia Student Interaction)

Base of Work

Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak, Borneo island


13 students


Japanese Club (Sunway University, KL)
We are looking for new partners in KL or Sarawak


2019 spring visit : inspection in KL
2019 summer : PJ on life-style-disease in KL, inspection in Sarawak


Now we are working on two different projects in two different places; KL and Sarawak at the same time. Below is our future plan:
2020 spring : inspection in KL, experimental installation in Sarawak
2020 summer : new PJ in KL, complete installation in Sarawak

We are going to conduct an inspection on three topics; education, diet, and trash problem in KL, in order to launch a new project in the summer visit.

In Sarawak, we are seeking a economical and sustainable way to purify river water to provide a local village with safely drinkable water. The purification system will be installed experimentally in the spring visit, and will be completed in the summer visit.