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The Philippines Part

Summary of part

“A heartwarming experience for Filipino children that will give them a sense of home.”

We, the Philippines Part, focus on the problems happening in the Philippines, a country that continues to develop at a dizzying pace. We provide support and projects from the unique perspective of university students.We are holding hearing surveys and study sessions in Japan. Next spring (spring 2023), we will actually travel to Japan to conduct on-site surveys and implement the project.

Before COVID-19 disaster, we were involved in a hygiene education project for children in a slum in Manila, Philippines. The projects we have undertaken are as follows.

⑴the donation of stationery
With the cooperation of an elementary school in Tokyo, we informed the students of the current shortage of supplies and asked them to donate their surplus stationery. We then donated them to our local partner, ALIBata.
⑵the online exchange meeting
With the cooperation of our local partner, go share, an NGO for international cooperation, we used an online conference system to hold a workshop with slum children, where they learned how to play Japanese games such as Kendama and how to wash their hands in a fun way with songs.


10th:7 students


We hold regular weekly meetings online. Other meetings and hearings are held as needed.

Base of Work

Japan, the Philippines(Cebu island)



・INGO go share


Spring 2018: workshop on active learning for educational interns
Spring 2019: Visit to the Malabon region
Summer 2019: tooth brushing project and field day project implemented
Spring 2020: tooth brushing project implemented, visits to other projects to be carried out
Spring 2021: Donate stationery collected at Japanese elementary schools to slums in Luzon and Manila
Fall 2021: Online exchange with children in a slum on Cebu Island
Spring 2022: Name changed from JPSI (Philippines Team) to Philippines Part