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JVSI (Japan-Vietnam Student Interaction)

Base of Work

Hue, Vietnam


9 students


English Club at Hue University of Agriculture


In 2014, a partnership with English Club at Hue University of Agriculture started and we have been working on projects, with regard to sanitation, education and so on.

2018 : We started a workshop of active learning for high school and university students, being aware of problems in lecture-centered Vietnamese education.

2019 : We held workshops of making a problem tree, a method of cause analysis.


Though we were previously working as Vietnam Team, we became independent in 2019 as Hue Team, which specializes in educational problems. We are now focusing on cramming education, which is considered problematic in Vietnam. We create projects by arranging active learning in Japan and other developed countries in a Vietnamese style, and conduct it for Vietnamese students, who lack opportunity to think independently due to cramming education. The aim of these projects is to improve their ability of thinking and collaboration. Currently, we are conducting projects at two universities, but we are considering expanding our activities into other universities and high schools in the future.