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We held a meeting in May!

On May 20th, we held a regular meeting at the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center! Although the meetings were held online in the past due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, the meetings will be held face-to-face from this year on. It feels like a fresh start since it is the first time for the 10th-12th term members to gather.

Beginning with a greeting speech from the MIS president, the members were divided into 3 groups to have an icebreaker and get to know more about each other.

 A social gathering was held after the meeting where the members were able to become deeply acquainted regardless of the term they belong to.

In addition, meetings for each project team were held as well as a discussion from the Risk Management Department. We are starting to put our project into action for the summer trip.

We will continue to provide information on various travel and inspection projects connecting Japan and Southeast Asia so please look forward to it!

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